The lessor

My name is Marco, I’m a writer and a part time blogger about Rome, I’m curious, I read a lot, I love to travel, discover new places, new flavors and to be amazed by the beauty the world has to offer to those who seek it.

I am a traveler, I have traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and every weekend I commit myself to discover new places in my Region. If I cannot get away, Rome is my perfect destination, even today I continue to find out new special places to visit, and in the course of my explorations in this city I have composed a series of itineraries which, I believe, they can be really valuable for tourists visiting this beautiful city.

In my travels I love comfort: a comfortable bed, nice pillows, a spacious bathroom and a central location are my needs and in my apartment there is all this. Cleanliness is very important, for this you will find an apartment that is always clean, please help me in keeping it clean. In the house, smoking is prohibited in every room. The apartment was not born with the sole purpose of being rented, is really my home, designed and furnished with passion and love, buying items, textiles, from Sweden, England and something, even from Italy. Occasionally I add some element in the house. Please treat it with care and attention, as if it were your own.