Luxury Apartment in Rome St.Peter's: just a short walk from the Vatican museums and Saint Peter's.

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To those who know something of Rome’s great history, the Castle of Sant’ Angelo is the most impressive of all her monuments. Like the Colosseum, it stands out in its round strength alone.

The main and most important memories in the Vatican area, are the Castle, Saint Peter’s, the Vatican Museums, and those connected with the Holy Office, the hospital and asylum of Santo Spirito. The area is amazingly comfortable and livable. Visitors will find here anything they need, especially if they want to be independent in terms of food: supermarkets, local markets, bakers, butchers, greengrocers are very easy to find and there are streets packed with shops too.

There are lots of bus lines heading to the historic centre, the Ottaviano Metro is convenient to instantly reach every part of the city and is just one stop away from the entrance of Piazza del Popolo (Flaminio). Obviously the historic center can be reached by foot along Via Cola di Rienzo full of good quality shops.

Sain Peter’s and Vatican walking tour

Visit to the tomb of Saint Peter