Luxury Apartment in Rome St.Peter's: just a short walk from the Vatican museums and Saint Peter's.

Arrivals and Departures

Please read the following steps in order to familiarize yourself with the arrival and departure process, like receiving the keys of the apartment or getting refunded your damage deposit upon departure from the apartment in Rome.


When you arrive at the apartment the owner of the apartment will provide you with the following:

  • Keys for entry to the apartment
  • Contract to sign
  • Walk through the apartment
  • Instruct you how to use equipment in the apartment like Air Conditioning, Washing Machine, Cooker.
  • Explain any items like rubbish removal specific to that neighborhood, local grocery store location, directions to metro station or other information regarding the area in general.
  • Collect the damage deposit in cash.

Upon arrival, guests must present a valid identity document valid.

During your stay at the apartment in Rome we ask you to contact  us if you accidentally break anything so that we can fix or settle whatever it is. We want you to enjoy your stay and not be inconvenienced by something which can be fixed or replaced.


Departure should be before 10 am if you require a later departure let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate you providing our next arrival is not early the same day. A member of our staff will be at the apartment at the concerted hour to:

  • Collect the apartment keys
  • Return the refundable deposit minus any damages which may have occurred.

With advance notice we can book a taxi for you for your departure from the apartment.


If keys are lost, the replacement will cost 50 €.