Luxury Apartment in Rome St.Peter's: just a short walk from the Vatican museums and Saint Peter's.

Apartment policies

Check in: 15 P.M.
Check out: 10 A.M.
Minimum stay: three nights
The apartment is unsuitable for families with kids in strollers
The house is unsuitable for travelers in wheelchairs
No to groups of under 25s
No toddlers

Smoking policy

All rooms are 100% smoke-free. I particularly care about the comfort of non-smokers and people with breathing difficulties, for this my apartment houses only not smoking people. A 50 Eur cleaning fee will be charged to any guest who violates the smoking policy.

Id requirement

For security purposes, valid photo identification is required at check-in. Acceptable forms include passport and ID card.

 Deposit policy

Guests must produce photo identification and a 150 Eur security deposit, which is refundable upon home inspection and the home is found to be free of losses and damages.

Cleaning policy

In order for all guests can equally enjoy the apartment, I invite my guests to cooperate in maintaining order and cleanliness. Guests are asked to leave the dishes tidy and clean, to differentiate the junk, throwing it to the bins that are found outside the apartment, on the opposite side of the road, to use always table mats and coasters to avoid damaging the table. Each guest is asked to treat the house with the same care and love that dedicates to the own home. These are little rules for a happy Roman vacation.

Pet policy

Pets are not allowed